• Rock Bass Basics: Steps 1 & 2 (Book/CD/DVD)
  • Rock Bass Basics: Steps 1 & 2 (Book/CD/DVD)

Rock Bass Basics: Steps 1 & 2 (Book/CD/DVD)

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Key Features

  • Start your journey to becoming a rock god on bass
  • Learn the basics in a fun, accessible, broken down format
  • Comprehensive and detailed with book, DVD, and CD included
  • Get ready to rock out

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    Bass made easy

    For budding rockstars. This package will guide you through everything you need to know to begin laying down solid rock basslines. The wealth of lessons includes a host of useful techniques, classic bass riffs, and tips for improvement. Play-along tracks are included on the CD, so you can get started straight away, and you're sure to find that you can't stop playing once you've got going. Aimed at beginners but useful to any bassist, this setup is guaranteed to teach you the fundamentals in a fun, informative, and engaging way. Get rocking.


    • Model Name: Rock Bass Basics: Steps 1 & 2 (Book/CD/DVD)
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