• Erica Synth Zen Delay
  • Erica Synth Zen Delay
  • Erica Synth Zen Delay

Erica Synth Zen Delay

  • Model: sp146246
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Key Features

  • Analog delay unit for creating experimental effects
  • Easy control of a huge amount of parameters
  • Built for use in both live and studio environments
  • Breath new life into your audio

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    Experiment with the Zen delay

    Combing digital and analog features, the Zen Delay is a BPM-synced stereo delay line unit with so much potential. The Zen delay can create extreme feedback ranges for dub and lo-fi effects. The unit can also be used as a multi-mode 24dB synth filter and valve overdrive. For an effects unit with this much capability, it is extremely easy to use. The best way to become familiar with the Zen delay is to dive right in and start playing.

    Unlimited possibilities

    Backlit knobs are dedicated to each function of the Zen delay, all accessed on the spacious top panel. Five different delays can be accessed using the ‘Delay Mode’ toggle, including ping-pong delays that make full use of the stereo capabilities. Delays can be bypassed entirely to use the VCF independently. The VCF can also be bypassed or switch between high, low and band pass filter modes.

    Bypass and tap tempo functions are also accessed on the front panel making them easily accessible in live settings. Other delay parameters on the front of the unit include feedback, time and dry/wet mix. Drive, VCF cutoff, resonance and input level knobs complete the front display. This huge range of controls is rarely found on other delay units.

    Analog circuitry

    The first ever hardware effects unit produced in collaboration with an electronic music label offers a huge range of sound scaping potential. The valve circuit produces a signature analog warmth suitable for both studio and live environments. Although designed in collaboration with an electronic music label, the Zen delay will have a place in multiple genres and with many different instruments. This is down to the endless amount of sound creation that can be done with the Zen delay.

    A future mainstay in your setup

    A robust metal case protects the analog circuity. Going against the trend of delay stompboxes, the Zen delay belongs alongside your prized drum machines and controllers. Full tracks and vintage analog equipment alike will be given a new lease of life with the Zen delay. Stereo TRS inputs and outputs are located on the back of the Zen delay along with a control input and 12V DC input for the included power supply.


    • Five selectable delay modes
    • Switchable high, low and band pass filter with VCF bypass
    • Overall bypass and tap tempo options
    • Stereo inputs and outputs with MIDI connectivity


    • Power: 12v (power supply for worldwide use is included)
    • In/Out levels: 3.2v peak to peak
    • DAC:
      • 114 dB dynamic range
      • -100dB THD+N
    • ADC:
      • 108 dB dynamic range
      • -98 dB THD+N
    • Dimensions: 21 x 15 x 5 cm
    • Weight: 870g
    • Product code: ZEN-DELAY

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